All politics is local.
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All politics is local.

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Have you ever wanted to help out candidates and issues that align with your values outside of your local area? But you live miles, or perhaps hundreds of miles away, so how can you help?

While you certainly contribute money, now you can also directly volunteer your time and energy to support those candidates and issues.

Special interests marshall resources from all over the country to support candidates and issues in local races. Special interests working against the will of the American people can pay their helpers to overwhelm local candidates and issues.

How Do You Get YOUR Candidates Elected?

Isn't that the question everyone is asking?

Boots on the ground and personal contact are one of the biggest factors in successful campaigns.

With that in mind, I've created Grassroots PhoneBank, an Internet phone bank application, to help the good guys and gals -- small, local, low visibility, under-funded campaigns -- win elections.

You wouldn't happen to know anyone like that, would you?

Imagine what might happen if those candidates were able to make targeted phone calls using a well-engineered, scripted message from any phone, anywhere.

Imagine what might happen if those candidates were able to recruit volunteers from anywhere in the country to make phone calls for them.

When it comes to phone banking, small or local campaigns can now compete with the big boys.

While the candidates provide the list and we provide the technology and the guidance, sometimes they don't have a big enough volunteer pool to effectively use phone banking.

We are building a national pool of phone bank volunteers to help out these candidates. The volunteers, after a brief, free training program via teleconference, will be able to help candidates of their choosing that are using Grassroots PhoneBank.

What this does is bring the power of a national campaign to bear on smaller or local elections.

Imagine what might happen if volunteers from all over the nation were to call voters in urban areas where candidates, who pledge to uphold the Constitution as written, are at a distinct disadvantage.

I'm asking you to help to spread the word so that we can assist candidates in all the elections from now through November 2010 and beyond.

Please contact me if you'd like to help spread the word so that I can maintain a unified message in recruiting volunteers.



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