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Your use of this site is governed by the rules and conditions set forth in this document. From time to time we may change this agreement without notice. Your use or continued use of this site serves as your agreement to the letter and the spirit of these rules and conditions.

Terms of Use

Your use of this site is at the absolute discretion of the site owner. The site owner may deny you access to the site at any time for any reason or for no reason.

Your use of the site is further governed by the following rules, the breach of which will restrict your access or deny you further access.

Prohibited Uses

1. You may not use this site in any way that violates Federal, state, or local election laws.

2. The data contained on this site is the property of the campaign for which you are working or volunteering. You may not collect, gather, or store the data that this site makes available to you, nor may you use the data for any purpose other than that authorized by the campaign.

3. All content of this web site is copyright by the web site owner. You may not copy any documents, images, or other content of this web site in any media without prior written permission of the web site owner.

4. You may not compile the contents of this web site for the purpose of republication of the information in electronic or other media.

5. You may not pretend to be or impersonate any other person.

6. You may not allow any other person to use your sign-in credentials nor may you publish your credentials anywhere that people or electronic agents are likely to view those credentials.

7. You may not gather or compile information of a personal nature about members or other persons listed on this web site for any commercial purpose.

Permitted Uses

1. You may place links to this web site on another web site as long as those links are available to any public visitor. The link must be the exact address as it appears in the browser's address window. The link may not be altered without prior written permission of the web site owner.

2. You may print any page on the web site for your own personal use.

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